About Us

Reef Systems was set up with the sole objective of providing solutions and concepts for any individual whether in the aquarium business or as a hobbyist with their aquatic needs both in the marine and freshwater realms.

Equipped with many years of experience as a hobbyist and numerous successful aquatic systems which we had deploy for our happy and satisfied customers, we extend this commitment of perfecting every systems to our existing and new clients.

Our opportunity to be a distributor for numerous brands of aquarium products & equipment has attribute us a wide range of choices and solutions for us to offer to the different request from our clients. And we are constantly sourcing and updating the best and latest technology and solutions for keeping successful aquarium systems.

We hope to hear your comments and get your support as we would like to take this challenge of bringing into your business or home the best and perfect solutions for your aquaria needs and the excitement of owning a beautiful aquarium for your friend, your family and yourself to enjoy with.